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I have four models with the relationships

Model PagetTemplate(models.Model):

Model TextKey(models.Model):
    page_template = models.ForeignKey(PageTemplate, related_name='text_keys')

Model Page(models.Model):
    page_template = models.ForeignKey(Pagetemplate, related_name='pages')

Model Text(models.Model):
    key = models.ForeignKey(TextKey, related_name='text_fields')
    page = models.ForeignKey(Page, related_name='text_fields')

the relation is like this:

                               /  \
                              /    \
                       TextKey      Page
                              \    /
                               \  /

In the validation for page (In the clean method), I check that [key for key in page.page_template.text_keys] and [text_field.key for text_field in page.text_fields] match up so that all text keys are filled in my a text. The problem I am having is that at the time the clean is called, page.text_fields is empty. The admin code looks like.

class TextInline(admin.StackedInline):
    model = Text
    extra = 0

class PageAdmin(DebugModelAdmin):
    inlines = [TextInline], PageAdmin)

I wrapped admin.ModelAdmin in a logging class and know that I have the information I need when ModelAdmin.add_view is called but is overriding this the right thing to do or is there some option/method that would be better to override that I'm missing?

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Looking at S. Lott's sagacious advice on various django related threads, I decided to write an app to do this myself instead of forcing the django admin to do something that it wasn't meant to do. I would honestly just download a decent CMS for django but the ones that I can find either suck (their code is riddled with typechecking, indented with tabs, etc) or don't work on 1.2, so i'm rolling my own.

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