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I need to read a XML Spread Sheet 2003 in a project and I have a problem with columns.

This example show you have king of template my data are :

Name Of | FirstName | SecondName | ... | ... 

Monday  |     1     |     2      |   3 |   2 

Tuesday |     0     |     1      |   1 |   ?

Wednesday |   2     |     ?      |   ? |   ?

I need to extract every data in each columns and the problem is here : C# read this XML Spread Sheet row by row only and with this example I don't know how I can have exactly every data for each column. Moreover I can't know in advance the data.

Here is the beginning of my code

var queryPeriodSheet = from worksheet in data.Descendants(ss + "Worksheet")
                               where worksheet.Attribute(ss + "Name").Value == "sheet1"
                               select worksheet;

var rows = from row in queryPeriodSheet.Descendants(ss + "Row")
select row;


I need your help,

Thank you

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You need to look at the ss:Index attribute in each cell element in each row since there are no XML elements for empty cells.

I use the following code to find text in a specific cell in a row:

    /// <summary>
    /// </summary>
    /// <param name="rowElement"></param>
    /// <param name="cellIndex">0-based cell index.</param>
    /// <returns></returns>
    public string GetCellData(XmlElement rowElement, int cellIndex)
        XmlNodeList cellElements = rowElement.SelectNodes("ss:Cell", xmlnsManager);
        if (cellElements != null)
            int elementIndex = 0;

            foreach (XmlElement cellElement in cellElements)
                // Special case: cells can be skipped. If so, there is a ss:Index attribute that contains the 1-based index of the cell.
                if (cellElement.HasAttribute("ss:Index"))
                    elementIndex = Convert.ToInt32(cellElement.GetAttribute("ss:Index")) - 1;

                // If cell has been skipped.
                if (cellIndex < elementIndex)
                    return null;

                if (cellIndex == elementIndex)
                    return cellElement.InnerText.Trim();

        return null;
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