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I'm trying to build an app for the Chinese audience at the social networking site RenRen.

Using their PHP API I'm getting these errors:

Notice: Undefined index: xn_sig_session_key in C:\renren_test_app\xiaonei.class.php on line 21

Notice: Undefined index: xn_sig_user in C:\renren_test_app\header.php on line 61

That's coming from the example PHP app. All I changed in code (at header.php) is the API key/secret.
I'd like to know how to fix this as this looks very fundamental.............. and if someone willing to be more helpful - how do I get; User's name/pic/id.

I do not understand Chinese at all so it makes things a lot harder on me. I'd appriciate if someone posts some code!
I hope someone smarter than me can help here (:

Got the PHP API from: http://wiki.dev.renren.com/wiki/%25E4%25B8%258B%25E8%25BD%25BD%25E4%25B8%2593%25E5%258C%25BA

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"looks like" you have to configure the session key and user –  erenon Sep 20 '10 at 20:26
Thanks erenon! The session key and user should be passed on to me, from the calling server. Just like Facebook's apps. Otherwise, how would I do anything? –  Poni Sep 20 '10 at 20:29
Can you post your setup page? ie. Canvas Page URL, Canvas callback URL etc –  SteD Sep 21 '10 at 6:19
@SteD: The URL to the app is apps.renren.com/moni_poni . Using FireFox you can get the canvas' page url, by inspecting the iframe - I don't want to expose my IP here, hope it's fine by you. Thanks!! –  Poni Sep 21 '10 at 6:50

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Your iframe shows that xn_sig_added=0, which means that 授权 (authorization) is not yet approved.

xn_sig_added = 1 表示已授权,此时应用就可以获取到 xn_sig_session_key 和 xn_sig_user 了。

Translate to:

xn_sig_added = 1, which means it's authorized, at this point you could retrieve xn_sig_session_key and xn_sig_user.

Source: Wiki renren

The 3 ways you can ask for authorization is in the wiki, have a look (use google translate or something).

Hope it helps.

P/S: this is the first time I heard of Renren, it certainly looks like facebook!

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