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In the following code, I am trying to get a folder location from the user. However, when I selected E:\ in the folder browser, szAbsolutePath doesn't give me the path for the CD burner temporary folder. This prevents me from saving to this location. However, if I choose something like E:\folder1\, I get the full path and can write out files to this location.

char szDisplayName[MAX_PATH];
memset(&binfo, 0, sizeof(BROWSEINFO));
binfo.lpszTitle = strTitle.c_str();
binfo.hwndOwner = hwndOwner;
binfo.pszDisplayName = szDisplayName;
PIDLIST_ABSOLUTE pidl = SHBrowseForFolder(&binfo);
if(pidl) {
  char szAbsolutePath[MAX_PATH];
  SHGetPathFromIDList(pidl, szAbsolutePath);

How can I always get the full path when the user chooses the root of the CD-R drive?

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You can use the ICDBurn::GetRecorderDriveLetter function to get the recorder's drive letter - then it's trivial to compare against the string you get back from GetSaveFileName(). If you do get back a path on the CD burner, you can use SHGetFolderLocation with CSIDL_CDBURN_AREA to get the path of the staging area - then it's simply a matter of replacing the drive letter at the beginning of the path string with the path of the staging area.

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