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How can i build a boost library date_time using bjam for vc80.

currently I am using ..\bjam.exe release debug threa ding=multi --toolset=msvc-8.0 stage --with-date_time --build-type=complete --deb ug-configuration -d+2
This only generates libraries with the vc7.1 version, what I need is vc80.

I also noticed that the v1 verion Boost.Build setup was being used instead of the v2. So user_config.jam was not being used.

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You almost got it right:

..\bjam.exe release debug threading=multi toolset=msvc-8.0 stage \
    --with-date_time --build-type=complete --debug-configuration -d+2

Note: no dashes for the option toolset.

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