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I am using ReportLab to generate a pdf dynamically with python.

I would like a line of text to be centered on a page. Here is the specific code I currently have, but do not know how to center the text horizontally.

header = p.beginText(190, 740)
header.textOut("Title of Page Here")

# I know i can use TextLine etc in place of textOut


The text displays and I can manually move the left position so the text looks centered, but I need this to be centered programmatically since the text will be dynamic and I don't know how much text there will be.

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The reportlab canvas has a drawCentredString method. And yes, they spell it like that.

We’re British, dammit, and proud of our spelling!

Edit: As for text objects, I'm afraid you don't. You can do something along those lines, though:

from reportlab.pdfbase.pdfmetrics import stringWidth
from reportlab.rl_config import defaultPageSize

PAGE_WIDTH  = defaultPageSize[0]
PAGE_HEIGHT = defaultPageSize[1]

text = "foobar foobar foobar"
text_width = stringWidth(text)
y = 1050 # wherever you want your text to appear
pdf_text_object = canvas.beginText((PAGE_WIDTH - text_width) / 2.0, y)
pdf_text_object.textOut(text) # or: pdf_text_object.textLine(text) etc.

You can use other page sizes, obviously.

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Thanks Jim, I used p.drawCentredString(4.25*inch, 500, 'some text') that works great, but how do I use drawCentredString with .textOut or .textLine? p.drawCentredString(center, 500, header); –  jhanifen Sep 20 '10 at 22:20
See my edit for an answer to that. –  Jim Brissom Sep 20 '10 at 22:45
Thanks, that should work, not as pretty but does the job! –  jhanifen Sep 20 '10 at 23:00

I just needed this too, and wrote this:

def createTextObject(canv, x, y, text, style, centered=False):
    font = (style.fontName, style.fontSize, style.leading)
    lines = text.split("\n")
    offsets = []
    if centered:
        maxwidth = 0
        for line in lines:
            offsets.append(canv.stringWidth(line, *font[:2]))
        maxwidth = max(*offsets)
        offsets = [(maxwidth - i)/2 for i in offsets]
        offsets = [0] * len(lines)
    tx = canv.beginText(x, y)
    for offset, line in zip(offsets, lines):
    return tx
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