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I was trying to write a simple extension method for Color static class which return Black and White equivalent of that color.
The problem is that extention methods can't return Static types...
So, how can I do this?! please help me.

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So you want a method Color ToBlackOrWhite(this Color color) where Color is a static class? That won't work. Not only can't you have a static class as return type, but also not as parameter type. Because it doesn't make any sense: How would you pass a color to the method if you can't create instances of Color? – dtb Sep 20 '10 at 22:23
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The problem is that NO method can return a static type. Static classes are stateless (or have only static state), and thus have only one "instance" that is globally accessible from any code referencing the namespace.

You can return a Color; the Color class itself, though it has static members, is not static, and so many instances of Colors can exist. You can also apply an extension method to a Color. If you do this, then you can call an extension method on one of the static members of the non-static Color struct:

public static class MyColorsExtensions

   public static Color ToGreyScale(this Color theColor) { ... }



var greyFromBlue = Color.Blue.ToGreyScale();
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If you're referring to System.Drawing.Color - it's not a static class ... it's a struct. You should be able to return an instance of it from a method. It just so happens that the Color structure includes static members to represent specific colors - like: Color.Black and Color.White.

If you're not referring to that type, then please post a short sample of the code that fails.

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just to be clear, Color can also be used with arbitrary ARGB values. – Nathan Sep 20 '10 at 22:33

It's hard to understand what you are trying to say, but if you are trying to create a extension method for a static class, that is impossible because extension methods are for class instances.

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Is this what you're looking for? This is an extension method returning a static color struct.

public static class ColorExtensions
    private static Color MYCOLOR = Color.Black;
    public static Color BlackAndWhiteEquivalent(this Color obj)
        // stubbed in - replace with logic for find actual
        // equivalent color given what obj is
        return MYCOLOR;

and the test

    public void FindBlackAndWhiteColorEquivalent()
        Color equivalentColor = Color.Black.BlackAndWhiteEquivalent();
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try this

public static class Colores
public static Color Rojo = Color.FromArgb(0xE51600);
public static Color Azul = Color.FromArgb(0x004183);
public static Color Verde = Color.FromArgb(0x00865A);
public static Color Plata = Color.FromArgb(0xC4C5C7);
public static Color Gris = Color.FromArgb(0x58585A);
public static Color Cafe = Color.FromArgb(0x632600);
public static Color Negro = Color.Black;
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