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We have the opportunity to set up a pairing workstation; I would like it to be great. What features should I look for? Monitors, keyboards, mice, furniture - all suggestions are welcome. I'm not terribly concerned with specific brands & models; I want to know what criteria to use to make the selections.

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PairOn chair? cenqua.com/pairon/index.html ;) –  JeffH Jan 7 '11 at 17:39

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I answer your question by pointing you to the many publications by Laurie Williams at NCSU as her research group have published a number of great articles on the topic:


In particular, you might find these helpful, specifically for designing a pair programming environment:

  • Baheti, P., Williams, L., Gehringer, E., Stotts, D., and Smith, J., Distributed Pair Programming: Empirical Studies and Supporting Environments, UNC-CH Technical Report TR02-010, March 15, 2002.
  • Williams, L., Lessons Learned from Seven Years of Pair Programming at North Carolina State University, Inroads: ACM SIGCSE Bulletin, Vol. 39, No. 4, pp. 79-83, December 2007.

As you'll read, it's often the case that it's more important to look at who you pair, rather than the details of how you pair.

Best of luck!


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Some things that the teams I trained in Pair Programming gave me as a feedback:

  1. Own workstation: Setup a own desk with a own workstation, so that everyone can go to pairing without cleaning up the desk or loosing personals space. Make it a good machine: SSD, good amount of RAM and top notch CPU would help. Remember: 2 People at once work there, so dont be greedy about some bucks. The better the machine, the more happy people will be working there.

  2. 2 Monitors: Mirror them, so that they have the same Output. Its a very good helper because you are sitting ideally in fromt of the monitor image. 24 inch or bigger

  3. 2 USB Keyboards and 2 Mice: The navigator just hast to leave his hands off em.

  4. A Stopwatch: As they are switching constantly, a timer to remind this habit would be nice

  5. A straight Table: A table where both coders don't run constantly into each other. Avoid 90ies L-Shaped tables as they force people into bumping feet into each other.

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