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How could I search for a word in a certain file, and then replace that word with a different string of text. Like for example: In this paragraph find the word iPad and replace it with iPhone. I would like a code sample in C (or C++ if it is not possible without a third party library).

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while (not end of inputFile) {
    line = inputFile.readline()
    line = line.replace("iPad", "iPhone")
delete inputFile
rename tempFile to inputFile
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Just use fscanf and the string functions, everything you need is in stdio.h and string.h, both part of the standard C library. I'm sorry, I'm not going to just give you a code sample, but check out cplusplus.com for information on things like strcmp, fscanf, and toupper (or tolower, depending, you can use these for case insensitivity)

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