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Android API level 8 introduced the Context.getExternalFilesDir() method, providing a File object reference to an SD card path specific to your app. I am wondering how to mimic this as low as API level 5.

I see there is a Context.getDir() method, but I can't tell from reading about it how this differs.

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I ended up finding the answer here. Here's an excerpt from that page that answers my exact question:

If you're using API Level 7 or lower, use getExternalStorageDirectory(), to open a File representing the root of the external storage. You should then write your data in the following directory:


The <package_name> is your Java-style package name, such as "com.example.android.app". If the user's device is running API Level 8 or greater and they uninstall your application, this directory and all its contents will be deleted.

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