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Hey Guys, I have to scale down image of any dimension to a fixed dimension of 135x135, most imp thing I have to maintain good quality of scaled down image. I'm not much familiar with Image Processing algos. Can you guys suggest me any algorithm.

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Do you work in a given environment? Like C# or Java? Or do you want to use a command line tool? Or do you want to write the actual algorithm yourself? –  Albin Sunnanbo Sep 21 '10 at 7:38

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Unless the input image is square, say 1000x1000, you will first have to crop it to a square aspect ratio (1:1) then scale it down to 135x135 pixels.

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Firstly answer if you want to crop the image or deforming the image to fit in the box

Apply a 2d Sinc filter with the right size for the current scale factor. Scan the new image and pick up pixels from the old one by just dividing.

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