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I had a project working in Eclipse completely, but after compiling it with ant in order to use Proguard to obfuscate the code the entire project fell apart.

The project consists of a single package containing two main activities and 4 helper classes to handle databases and such. After using ant the activities work fine but Eclipse cannot find the helper classes and won't build. Even if I explicitly import the classes the error I get is The import com.ts.routeTracking.DataHelper cannot be resolved while further mentions of the class get the error DataHelper cannot be resolved to a type.

How can I get Eclipse and ant to work together?

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This probably means that ant and Eclipse are using the same output directory. You can alter the output directory by adding this to your or file.


To get Eclipse working again, select Project → Clean. That should cause a rebuild of all the files that Eclipse works with.

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Thanks, that did it! You saved my day! – onik Sep 21 '10 at 12:35

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