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what's the difference between



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Reading the documentation, it sounds like Launch does nothing if the debugger is attached - it doesn't actually break (although I haven't verified this).

Break asks to launch the debugger (if not attached), and does do the break.

In reality, it is unlikely you'd have more than one Launch point... if that.

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Launch will start a debugger when one is available. But is just ignored if there is none available. Break will crash the program if no debugger is available.

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more subtle differences

  1. If a debugger is already attached, Debugger.Launch is a nop; whereas Debugger.Break will always break into the debugger.

  2. Launching a debugger does not actually break into the debugger. For example, in VS, Debugger.Launch will attach a debugger to the running process, but then you still need to do a Debug | Break in VS to actually break under the debugger.

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