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SELECT t_PersonalInformation.personalInformation_Name, t_PersonalInformation.personalInformation_PresentAddress, t_Applicant.applicant_TotalExperience,



FROM t_Applicant LEFT OUTER JOIN t_PersonalInformation ON t_Applicant.applicant_user_ID = t_PersonalInformation.personalInformation_applicant_ID

         LEFT OUTER JOIN   
         t_Experience          ON  t_Applicant.applicant_user_ID = t_Experience.experience_applicant_ID

         t_Training            ON  t_Applicant.applicant_user_ID = t_Training.training_applicant_ID

WHERE (t_Applicant.applicant_user_ID = 'hasib789')

I am working with C# with vs2008 for a asp.net application

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Please don't create duplicate users and questions. –  Jon Skeet Sep 21 '10 at 10:30

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It is depend on what mapping do you have. For example it can be:

var result = 
from a in DataContext.Applicant 
 join pi in DataContext.PersonalInformation on a.applicant_user_ID equals pi.personalInformation_applicant_ID
 join e in DataContext.Experience on a.applicant_user_ID equals e.experience_applicant_ID
 join t in DataContext.Training on a.applicant_user_ID equals t.training_applicant_ID
where a.applicant_user_ID == 'hasib789'
select new { personalInformation_Name = pi.personalInformation_Name, personalInformation_PresentAddress = pi.personalInformation_PresentAddress, applicant_TotalExperience = a.applicant_TotalExperience, experience_CompanyName = e.experience_CompanyName, experience_Responsibilities = e.experience_Responsibilities,       training_TitleDetails  = t.training_TitleDetails }
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Thanks outcoldman. It was very needed for me... –  Shuvo Sep 21 '10 at 10:42

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