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Is ist possible to create a executable .exe file from a PowerShell Script?

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PrimalScript from Sapien will generate an exe from a PowerShell script. The machine one which the executable is run must have PowerShell installed.

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Out of the box - no. However I have built a PowerShell script that can take a script and create an EXE wrapper around it. I created this script a while ago but decided to blog it here for folks to check out.

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Howdy Keith, Skydrive won't let me in, says is "not made for my browser", can you upload a .zip or create a mirror at pastebin / poshcode. Thanks, in advance. –  Knuckle-Dragger Jan 8 at 4:06

There's a project called Portable PowerShell that is still in beta after a couple of years ... might be worth looking at for your needs.


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Not yet. That is, not as of PowerShell 2.0

I wish I could just leave it at that, but other people have provided a bunch of "workaround" type answers I feel compelled to address:

You can generate an executable with the script embedded (see the other answers on this thread) ... but those "executables" require PowerShell to be present on the system, and are essentially the same as .cmd batch file like this:

:: <#
copy %0 %0.ps1
PowerShell.exe -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted -NoProfile -Command "$ErrorActionPreference = 'SilentlyContinue'; . %0.ps1; Remove-Item %0.ps1"
:: #>
$ErrorActionPreference = 'Continue'

### Your PowerShell script goes below here.
### I've put a couple of lines as an example ...
ls | sort length -desc | select -first 5 | ft
ps | sort ws -desc | select -first 10 | ft

I know ...

With Portable PowerShell, it would probably be possible to package up a sort of self-extracting zip that would contain powershell and a script and would work. That's not an executable in any normal sense of the word -- it's a bit like if Valve had decided to just ship a vmware image on a thumbdrive as their solution to letting Linux users play Half Life. ;-)

With pShellExec, your script is encrypted, so it's secured against prying eyes ... other than obscuring the script, it's still essentially no different than the batch file ;)

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The solution I found best to distribute a PowerShell script as exe was to wrap it in a NSIS executable.

I write a .nsi script like this:

Name "Maintenance task"
OutFile "maintenance.exe"
ShowInstDetails show

Section "Main"
  ;Executes the "script-to-run.ps1" PowerShell script
  SetOutPath "$pluginsdir\MyOrg" ;It is better to put stuff in $pluginsdir, $temp is shared
  ;extract the .ps1 and run it, collecting output into details.
  File script-to-run.ps1
  nsExec::ExecToLog 'powershell  -inputformat none -ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned -File "$pluginsdir\MyOrg\script-to-run.ps1"  '
  SetOutPath $exedir

I just have to compile the script to an exe with the NSIS toolchain, and it will run on any OS that has PowerShell, no matter what is the execution policy.

This was inspired by this question How to call PowerShell in NSIS.

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Use PowerGUI's Script Editor (it is free and works). Open your script in the PowerGUI Script Editor > Tools > Compile script > Choose whatever options you would like for your .exe (password protect source code, automatically close console after .exe runs, etc.).

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