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I am reading mails using Interop.Domino dll but in few cases my program hangs for a particular mail, after going through the document properties i found that the mail is truncated as a blue torn page symbol appear on it and the size property is (40K +truncated) , so is there any other property through which i can programmatically identify its a truncated mail. I also tried accessing the size property programmatically but then the program hangs their itself.

Any help Appreciated, thanks in advance

Regards, Haseena.

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You'll need to leverage Notes formulas instead of script to get your answer. Use the NotesSession.Evaluate method to call one of the following Notes @formulas:

The @IsDocTruncated formula will return 1 if it is truncated and 0 if not.

The @DocOmittedLength formula will return the approximate number of bytes that have been omitted.

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