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TreeNodeCollection, like some of the other control collections in System.Windows.Forms, implements IEnumerable. Is there any design reason behind this or is it just a hangover from the days before generics?

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Yes, there are many .NET Framework collection, that does not implement generic IEnumerable.

I think that's because after 2.0 there was no (at least not so match) development of the core part of FW.

Meanwhile I suggest you to make use of following workaround:

using System.Linq; 
var nodes = GetTreeNodeCollection().OfType<TreeNode>();
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public class TreeNodeCollection : IList, ICollection, IEnumerabl Why do you say "not implement generic IEnumerable"? BTY, your code works. – Lei Yang Jul 19 '13 at 8:42

Yes, Windows Forms dates back to before generics in .Net

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