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I'm getting started with building a Business Intelligence system using MS technologies. I don't have any experience with Integration Services or with Analysis Services, so the learning curve is pretty steep for me.

I have been looking for samples and tutorials and found some nice stuff such as:

  • The AdventureWorksDW data warehouse, which will help me build my own data warehouse.
  • A nice BIDS (Business Intelligence Development Studio) sample project for putting analysis on the AdventureWorksDW.
  • Integration Services samples on

But what I'm actually looking for is a sample BIDS Integration Services project that exports changes from the main AdventureWorks DB into the AdventureWorksDW DB.

I don't seem to find such project in the samples..

Or is there any other tutorial/video available that contains a step-by-step walktrough on copying data to your warehouse?

I have the book "MS SQL Server 2008 Integration Services Unleashed" but I don't know how to get started.

Thank you.

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That seems to be exactly what the first package on Codeplex does:

The AWDataWarehouseRefresh sample package illustrates how to create and populate user tables in the new AdvWorksDWX database, using data from the AdventureWorks database.

Have you tried running it?

I don't want to sound harsh, but you already have sample databases, sample code and a book on using SSIS so I'm not really sure why you're unable to get started. Have you read the book and installed, executed and understood a few sample packages? If not, I suggest that you give it a try, then come back and ask about specific problems you're having. Unfortunately it's hard to know what to suggest right now: this isn't a suitable forum for explaining basic concepts, but it is a great forum for answering specific questions.

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That example creates a fresh, seperate DB with a query + fills it up from csv files. As I'm said I'm just getting started, but that doesn't sound like a best practice. I'm still going trough the book on SSIS. – Thomas Stock Sep 21 '10 at 20:51
I figured there must be an example project somewhere that syncs changes from the AdventureWorks DB into the existing AdventureWorksDW DB.. I can't image they would supply us with both of those database samples but no real-life'ish samples of interaction between them. – Thomas Stock Sep 21 '10 at 20:55
Bump. Would love to have a sample package that illustrates how to create and populate user tables in a new database, using data from the AdventureWorks database. – Ian Boyd Aug 27 '12 at 20:06

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