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Just wondering if anyone knows the keyboard shortcut to swap around two sides of a statement. For example:

I want to swap

firstNameTextbox.Text = myData.FirstName;


myData.FirstName = firstNameTextbox.Text;  

Does anyone know the shortcut, if there is one? Obviously I would type them out, but there is a lot of statements I need to swap, and I think a shortcut like that would be useful!

Feel free to throw in any shortcuts you think are cool!

My contribution would be CTRL + E, D - this will format your code to Visual Studio standards! Pretty well known I'm guessing but I use it all the time! :)


Just to let everyone know, using a bit of snooping of the article that was posted, I managed to construct a regular expression, so here it is:


{.+\.Text = myData\..+};

And replace with:

\2 = \1;

Hopefully people can apply this to their own expressions they want to swap!

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sorry bro but u mistyped it - the shortcut to format your code to Visual studio standards is --->>>> "CTRL + K, D" – Jsinh Sep 21 '10 at 12:04
@J Sinh: I'm not a 'bro', and I didn't mistype it, this is the keyboard shortcut. Try it. – New Start Sep 21 '10 at 12:11
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I think the following thread is a good place to begin with

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Here's how I would go about doing that without a specific keyboard shortcut:

  • First, select the text you want to modify and replace

    " = " with "                 =               "

    (the key here is to add a lot of spaces).

  • If you hold down Alt and use the mouse, you can select a "block" of code. Use this to select only the text on the right side of the equation (it's helpful to add extra white space here in your selection)
  • Use the same Alt + Left-Click combination to select the beginning of the left side (just select a blank area). You should be able to paste text into here.
  • If you added extra white space to the text you just added, just should be able to easily insert an = using the Alt + Click technique. Use the same trick to remove the equal sign that's dangling on the right side of your code block.

While this might not do exactly what you're looking for, I've found these tricks quite useful.

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If you're using ReSharper, you can do this by pressing CtrlAltShift + or

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That shortcut moves the whole line rather than swapping the LHS and RHS of the expression. – bart Jun 29 '11 at 1:09

The feature is in Resharper. Select the code segment and click the content wizard, which is a pencil icon in the left corner reading View Actions List, then choose Reverse Assignment. It is done.

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