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I have a Erlang webapp, based on Mochiweb and Mnesia, which consumes and emits JSON. It makes sense to store records in Mnesia; however Mochiweb/Mochijson require data in proplist format. So I end up with a large amount of boilerplate code:

-record(foobar, {name, value}).

  [{name, Record#foobar.name},  
   {value, Record#foobar.value}].  

  #foobar{name=proplists:get_value("name", Props),  
          value=proplists:get_value("value", Props)}.  

Fine with a single small record, a pain with lots of large records. Can anyone suggest a way round all this boilerplate code ? I guess I need some way of inspecting a record's fields dynamically; and since records are a compile-time construct, I'm guessing [assuming it's possible] this means injecting code via a macro ..


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It sounds like exprecs is what you're looking for:


Reading from the description:

The module is a parse transform allowing you to export records. The transform adds accessor functions for instantiating, inspecting and modifying records, without having to introduce compile-time dependencies between modules.

See if this helps.

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Putting together with the other answer from DanialLuna: lists:zip(league2:'#info-'(Rec), tl(tuple_to_list(Rec))). – f3r3nc Mar 20 '13 at 14:20

You should be able to do something like:

-record(foobar, {name, value}).
-record(foo, {other, fields, 'and', stuff}).

record_to_proplist(#foobar{} = Rec) ->
  lists:zip(record_info(fields, foobar), tl(tuple_to_list(Rec)));
record_to_proplist(#foo{} = Rec) ->
  lists:zip(record_info(fields, foo), tl(tuple_to_list(Rec))).


(Or as a macro (still creating a function though, the version where the macro is ?R2P(Rec, foobar) is just too ugly):

-define(R2P(Record), record_to_proplist(#Record{} = Rec) ->
           lists:zip(record_info(fields, Record), tl(tuple_to_list(Rec)))).



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Nice, but I still have to generate record_to_proplist for each record. Think the right way is probably to code- generated this stuff. – Justin Sep 23 '10 at 20:31
You could find all records in your project with "find . -name "*rl" -exec grep -- '-record(' {} \; | sed 's/-record(([^,]*),.*/\1/'" and auto generate a file based on that. – Daniel Luna Sep 24 '10 at 15:25

Using record_info(fields, foobar) it is possible to do something dynamically. record_info however is also a compile time construct so the record name cannot be a variable, so you need one clause for each record you intend to convert.

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