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I have a little problem. At my application Im always building two linked combobox - country and towns(then country are selected - towns began to load). So i thinked - mbe write a constructor and minimized my code? Ok i did it. But i got a problem: i have 2-3 couple of this linked comboboxes on page and when i selected at second combo country, the data (towns) loads at first combo, because it has the same id. Ok - now im trying take a param id to constructor and it didnt work. How set id of combobox then i create an object?

Country combo

comboCountryClass = Ext.extend(Ext.form.ComboBox, {
            fieldLabel: 'country',
            anchor: '95%',
                  proxy: new
                    {url: '../lib/getRFB.php?rfb_type=countrys',
                    method: 'GET'}
                  reader: countryReader,
                  autoLoad: true
                    fn:function(combo, value) {
                        var modelCmp = Ext.getCmp(this.town_name_id);
                            params: { 'country_id': this.getValue(),rfb_type: 'towns' }
            initComponent: function() {;}})

And town combo

comboTownClass = Ext.extend(Ext.form.ComboBox, {
            anchor: '95%',
            id:this.town_name_id || 'youuuu',
            store: new{
                  proxy: new  
                    {url: 'lib/handlers/orgHandler.php?action=read&towns=true',
                    method: 'GET'}
                  reader: townReader
            initComponent: function() {;}})

new comboTownClass({town_name_id:'townFormSearch'})

new comboCountryClass({town_name_id:'townFormSearch'})

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See this screencast: for some hints on (not) using component ids. – Mchl Sep 21 '10 at 12:53

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You can set the id of the component by doing the following:

new comboTownClass({id:'townComboId'}); new comboCountryClass({id:'countryComboId'});

You can specify a default id, and when you pass an id in the config param it will overwrite the default value.

Although I agree with @Upper Stage you should try to limit the amount of hard-coded id values you have in the form - you can instead grab form elements using the form name instead.

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I live by the rule: "never use hardcoded IDs." You can retrieve a unique ID from Ext JS using null, 'someTextString' )

You will incur more bookkeeping when you use unique IDs, but you will not run into the problem about which you write above.

Sometimes I store unique IDs locally in an object and then reference that instance variable where necessary.

this.idForCombo = null, 'someTextString' );
var myCmp = new SomeConstructor({
     id: this.idForCombo,
     ...more stuff });
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at you solution(local - i have code at one .js file) comboTown properly created with unique id, but country combo dont seem this id at all. what problem may be here? – 0dd_b1t Sep 21 '10 at 15:16
I don't see where this.town_name_id is set. So, I can't be certain that [ id: this.town_name_id || 'youuuu' ] is working as you expect. I also do not see where you are using this ID. (Also should check the scope of this in your ComboBox constructor - probably ok.) – Upperstage Sep 21 '10 at 16:35 = yourId;
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