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I plan to get the x-y coordinated reading from an optical mouse. Basically, I want the readout to be something like this but instead of using a Wiimote, I'll be using a standard USB mouse.

I have found quite a good example - [http://www.synbio.org.uk/component/content/article/46-instrumentation-news/1234-interfacing-an-optical-mouse-sensor-to-your-arduino.html]

but sadly it runs on C++ and needs a bridging hardware called Arduino. Though however, it PRINTS out the coordinate rather than putting it into a 'real-time' graphical plot.

I would love if MATLAB can read off the coordinates from the mouse and plot a 'real-time' graph of the coordinates.

Thanks :)

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If you have a DLL or DLLs for communicating with your mouse you should be able to persuade Matlab to use it or them. Look at the documentation for loadlibrary.

(Of course, if you are using Linux or Mac OS X replace 'DLL' with 'shared library'.)

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