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I have a multilevel inheritance model in JPA that is using the joined strategy

public class Party implements Serializable{

@DiscriminatorValue(value="PARTY_ORG") // value in party table's PARTY_TYPE column that dictates an Org.
//how children clients and orgs willmap to us.
public class PartyOrg extends Party implements Serializable{

..continues with children classes

But whenever I try to insert, the underlying DB2 databse throws a FK constraint error because the PK of PartyOrg is also a FK pointing to Party.

That means that JPA must persists and flush Party before it attempts to persist PartyOrg. (I have verified with manul SQl that inserting a PartyOrg without a Party is the cause of the error. Inserting Party first, then a PartyOrg (with same ID) works fine.


How can I tell JPA to persist top level classes first to respect the FK constraint on children classes/tables.

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Discovered the problem!

The DB2 database is using floats for PKs. When my DBA said "use floats" I never stopped to consider the mismatch between DB world and Java world. Turns out that DB2 "floats" should in turn call for Java doubles. After I converted all my keys to doubles, everything works.

I can only guess that rounding issues in the floats caused FK mismatches - but that is pure speculation.

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