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What software is available for extracting metadata from an FLV? I'm testing an flv streaming module for apache (mod_flvx) and need to extract keyframe info from an flv for debugging purposes.

I was only able to find FLV MetaData Viewer, but its dated, from 2006, and doesn't install properly on Win7.

Edit: I'm open to any method of extraction, either app or library.

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Don't know about tools, but maybe you can use ffmpeg as reference.

You must parse flv to find metadata chunk. It's not hard.

Then look at flv_read_metabody function from libavformat\flvdec.c. Metadata in flv is simply an AMF object.

But if keyframe info is only you need, you can don't touch metadata at all. You can parse flv: each video chunk marked if it's a kayframe.


You can use FLVTool2 to extract MetaData.

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Its better to use yamdi over FLVtool2


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