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I have removed the shortcut for SCI_DELETEBACK and as such my backspace key now outputs a backspace character rather than actually deleting characters.

For whatever reason, it's not possible to re-assign this key (probably because they've assumed no-one will be stupid enough to try and change it) so now I'm stuck.

Ideally I'd like to re-assign the backspace key to the SCI_DELETEBACK command but I think resetting the lot would be easier.

Prove me wrong!


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Find the <ScintillaKeys>...</ScintillaKeys> tag in ./settings/shortcuts.xml

Delete shortcuts as applicable. The backspace key is ASCII 8.

If you want to remove all of them, use <ScintillaKeys/>.

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+1 I have a strange feeling I'll need this soon. Remember to tick your answer once the system lets you :) –  BoltClock Sep 23 '10 at 21:13
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