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I am developing a WPF appliction in .net 4.0 which has got one user control. For simplicity, this user control has got only one combox which gets its value from view model's observable collection. This observable colletion is populated via a call to EF entity which gets its data from a view. The combobox's itemssource property is bound to the observable collection with necessary values in SelectedValuePath and DisplayMembePath.

Now when I run this application, the combox does populates the list but instead of showing individual item from the view it just repeats the first item returned by view for total number of rows in the view. For eg.g

Combobox should show following




Instead it is showing




I tried everything but still not able to find the solution. Is it somekind of bug in WPF comboxo or I am doing something wrong.

PS: The view internally uses Union in order to join multiple values. The Query for the view is as follows

SELECT DISTINCT CASE WHEN Field = '' THEN Brief ELSE Field END AS Field, 'Field' AS SourceName
FROM         dbo.FieldsData
WHERE     (Brief  '') AND (Field NOT IN ('Model', 'Research Note', 'Attachment'))
SELECT     'Company', 'Companies'
SELECT     'DateTime', 'Field'
SELECT     'Year', 'Field'
SELECT     'Comment', 'Field'

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I think it would help if you posted the most important bits of the actual code: the XAML binding you use, the ItemTemplate if any (I guess not since you mentioned DisplayMemberPath) and the ControlTemplate if any (if you customized the ComboBox in any way). I've used WPF for a long time and didn't encounter any showstopping bugs of the kind you describe but can't venture a guess as to the cause. –  Alex Paven Sep 21 '10 at 15:42
Have you tried looking at the actual data before it gets bound to the ComboBox via the ObservableCollection? Make sure the data isn't repeated first. –  Chris Holmes Sep 21 '10 at 18:04
Oh yes, couldn't remember where I've seen this type of problem before, it was related to Linq and Entity Framework rather than WPF controls. So yes, check the data in the debugger; this can happen for example with Entity Framework if you don't have your entity keys defined properly. –  Alex Paven Sep 21 '10 at 18:27
This definitely cant come from the WPF combobox. Try your UserControl with some MockUp Data first and you will see it works. I guess this must have something to do either with you query (never seen something like this before, even cant figure out what you intentionally want to achieve; did you test it?) or the EF Entity. You have to take care with Views in EntityModel. By default, EF maps every simple datatype column as entity key (int, guid, datetime). You have to select a proper key column combination. –  JanW Sep 21 '10 at 20:04
It works now. Thanks for everyone reply. I set the "Id" column as Entity Key in VS2010 and it works like a charm!!!! –  TheITGuy Sep 23 '10 at 15:27

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