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I have been using the Python-uno interface to launch OpenOffice and run PowerPoint slide shows on a Linux-based noticeboard system. Now the customer wants to make a split-screen and show four different slide shows on the screen at the same time.

But whenever I start a slide show in a second instance of OpenOffice, the first slide show will freeze.

Has anyone out there encountered this problem before? Anyone solved it?

I am running OpenOffice 2.4 on Debian Linux. I run two completely separate instances of OpenOffice in separate processes but they seem to affect each other anyway.

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Have you tried openoffice 3.0? – Jack Dec 17 '08 at 22:59
Not yet but it's worth a go. – Adam Pierce Dec 18 '08 at 1:27

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I know this is a dead post, but I think it would be useful for anybody else who has this problem.

Try going to this forum. You could try to use an OpenOffice macro and accessing it with a python function. Here is the macro code:

Sub hello 

    dim xPresentation as object 
    set xPresentation = thiscomponent.getpresentation 
    xPresentation.setPropertyValue("IsEndless", true)  'loops around 

End Sub

For the python part, I think you would need to invoke /usr/bin/soffice (possibly /usr/lib/libreoffice/program/soffice) with the URL "macro:///MyLibrary/MyModule/MyFunction(/home/foo/bar/MyImpressDoc.sxi"

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