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I'm trying to write a maven assembly and I'm not sure how to continue. It's fairly complicated, so the examples I google don't really help. This is what I'm trying to do:

  • Create an installation file using launch4j. This part works, assuming the jar file is correctly assembled (hence the need for a maven assembly.)
  • The installation program contains some dependencies. These are assembled (currently) using the jar-with-dependencies descriptorRef. This works as well.
  • I need to include a war file (from another project) into the big jar. This is my confusion.

How do I create an assembly.xml that will do both the jar with dependencies (unpacking all of those jar files) and include a war file from another project (which is not unpacked).

Any help would be appreciated.

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You want everything in a big Jar file? Have you looked at the Uber-Jar? – Thomas Sep 21 '10 at 20:11
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How do I create an assembly.xml that will do both the jar with dependencies (unpacking all of those jar files) and include a war file from another project (which is not unpacked).

Assuming you have a project structure similar to the one below (I'm assuming a simple structure since you didn't mention anything particular about it):

├── pom.xml
└── src
    ├── main
    │   ├── assembly
    │   │   └── uberjar.xml
    │   └── java
    │       └── com
    │           └── stackoverflow
    │               └──
    └── test
        └── java
            └── com
                └── stackoverflow

With the following pom.xml:

    <!-- this is the war we want to include in the assembly -->
    <!-- and below, the other dependencies -->

As you can see,

  1. We are not going to use the predefined jar-with-dependencies descriptor here, we are going to reuse it in our own custom assembly descriptor.
  2. We have a dependency declared on the war with a runtime scope so that we'll be able to include it in the assembly.

And now, the custom uberjar.xml:

<assembly xmlns="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:schemaLocation="">

This is a little variation of the jar-with-dependencies descriptor that will create a jar:

  • the dependencies except the war, unpacked
  • the war of the webapp, not unpacked
  • the classes from the project itself

As shown below:

$ mvn clean package
[INFO] Scanning for projects...
$ cd target; jar xvf Q3762049-1.0-SNAPSHOT-uberjar.jar
  created: META-INF/
  created: org/
  created: org/apache/
  created: org/apache/commons/
  created: org/apache/commons/lang/
  created: org/apache/commons/lang/builder/
  created: org/apache/commons/lang/enum/
  created: org/apache/commons/lang/enums/
  created: org/apache/commons/lang/exception/
  created: org/apache/commons/lang/math/
  created: org/apache/commons/lang/mutable/
  created: org/apache/commons/lang/text/
  created: org/apache/commons/lang/time/
 inflated: META-INF/LICENSE.txt
 inflated: META-INF/NOTICE.txt
 inflated: org/apache/commons/lang/ArrayUtils.class
  created: META-INF/maven/
  created: META-INF/maven/commons-lang/
  created: META-INF/maven/commons-lang/commons-lang/
 inflated: META-INF/maven/commons-lang/commons-lang/pom.xml
 inflated: META-INF/maven/commons-lang/commons-lang/
 inflated: my-webapp-1.0-SNAPSHOT.war
  created: com/
  created: com/stackoverflow/
 inflated: com/stackoverflow/App.class
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Maybe you find some examples in google codesearch.

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