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This might not be quite the question you're expecting! I don't want a regex that will match over line-breaks; instead, I want to write a long regex that, for readability, I'd like to split onto multiple lines of code.

Something like:

"bar" =~ /(foo|
           bar)/  # Doesn't work!
# => nil. Would like => 0

Can it be done?

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You need to use the /x modifier, which enables free-spacing mode.

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This answer could be improved by replacing the link with a more detailed explanation. – mkataja Jun 12 at 8:46

Using %r with the x option is the prefered way to do this.

See this example from the github ruby style guide

regexp = %r{
  start         # some text
  \s            # white space char
  (group)       # first group
  (?:alt1|alt2) # some alternation

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The example to follow. Comments inside the regex do wonders for maintainability. – Paul Cantrell Aug 19 at 16:36

you can use:

"bar" =~ /(?x)foo|
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This answer was helpful to my situation, but only after I searched for what (?x) meant and was able to add more context. I would be nice if this answer was updated to be more explicit about what it's illustrating. For others interested, I found the notes about the (?on-off) construct here helpful: – Ben Parizek May 29 at 4:27

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