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Which Silverlight MVVM Frameworks should I look at - taking into account these areas of functionality.

1) IoC - can I choose my own? I would like to avoid using MEF w/ Attributes.
2) Navigation
3) Callback simplification
4) "IMessageBox" type abstractions
5) Testability
6) Logging

Note: mitigating a conversion to full-blown WPF is not a concern. This app will always be only Silverlight.

What other things haven't I thought of?

Any good online references that compare and contrast the current frameworks?

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I personally like Prism, but you can find a comprehensive list of many frameworks/libraries with features comparison here.

I hope this helps.

Thanks, Damian

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PRISM (this is the mainpage). Here is some information about what it offers. Here is what Microsoft has to say about it.

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Just a quick side note, I know this doesn't answer your question and so on.

Someone (Josh Smith) once said that MVVM has nothing to do with IoC; so any MVVM framework that forces you to use a specific IoC framework does something wrong in my opinion.

Also, testability is innate to MVVM but only if you do your job of structuring your Model and ViewModel accordingly. So a MVVM framework should never restrict this, it's all up to you.

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