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I'm playing several sounds using: AudioServices


When I test the project on an iPhone 3G attached to the machine I get this message:

> 2010-09-16 17:29:29.672
> myProject[6528:6def] [17:29:29.672
> <0x85d400>] PlaySound posting message
> to kill mediaserverd (5958) [Switching
> to thread 13059]

and / or:

> 2010-09-16 17:30:28.316
> myProject[6528:6def] [17:30:28.316
> <0x85d400>] AudioQueueNew posting
> message to kill mediaserverd (0)
> Error: AudioQueueNewInput failed
> (0x10004003)

Any idea why?


BTW, on the simulator everything works fine.

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I noticed this post, which sounds sort of similar. Is trying this an option?

AudioQueueStart posting message to kill mediaserverd

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I was getting the same message when trying to set the audio category (I'm using Audio Units). A reboot of the iPad fixed it for me.

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