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How can i refresh the form using jquery.

Or how can reload the form using jquery.

i am filling a form using some session values.

Using Jquery Post i unset session , but values are already filled in the form

Am trying to reset all form values after un setting the session.

$('#form')[0].reset();   is not working after an $post ajax call
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Do you have this?

<form id="form">.....</form>

If you do, it should work. If you don't have an "id" for your form tag, you should use

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Note that browser settings also dictate this. Make sure that you have disabled any auto-form filling settings or any plugins.

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If you are working in STRUTS-2.0 then you've to do like this for refreshing form reset:

<s:submit name="operation" value="Create Account" onclick="location.reload();" />
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