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Hi For learning purposes I created a toy project using grails. In this project I would like to play an mp3 file in one of my views. I found an html5/flash mp3 player. But when the music is supposed to play, I have a question.

The HTML 5 player is in the project/web-app/js folder. Everything else is in its normal place. When I try to access a file, let's say "test.mp3" using just the name and extension of the file, where this file is supposed to be?

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The file should be relative to whatever your current path is.

That is, if you're at

localhost:8080/myapp/test/test1, and you reference test.mp3, test.mp3 would have to be in the test1 directory. You can use absolute paths, such as /sounds/test.mp3 to reference from the root, but a better solution would be to use ${resource(...)} probably.

Here's the resource documentation.

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ok, let's say i want to use the first way. where will i found test/test1 folder? In the web-app folder? –  benzen Sep 21 '10 at 18:58

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