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Anyone knows a Linux (or crossplatform) software that you can use to design wireframes like the ones on this page - . That fuzzy style is great.

I only know a Mac program that easily allows you to do this but since in the above page is made by Linux users for Linux users there's a chance an open source program was used :)

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No idea what was used to create those specific diagrams, but a tool that does "hand-drawn-ish" mockups is Balsamiq – millimoose Oct 28 '12 at 22:42

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That doesn't look like Balsamiq to me. I'm not sure what that is but here are some others. Most wireframing tools run on Linux since most are either online tools (usually requiring Flash) or are written with AIR (e.g. Balsamiq) or Java.

HotGloo $7/m for 1 project, 5 users; Flash Support collaboration. No semantic (XML) export.

Mockflow "Design, collaborate (in real-time) user interface mockups for your software and websites." AIR, but now developing for iPad so they will have two different products to dev and support? No community support or contact info (just a form) Sitemaps

Mockingbird Mockingbird is newish and HTML5 based; $9/month for 2 projects with many users. "create, link together, preview, and share mockups of your website or application." No annotations, no XML export.

Lumzy Lumzy is a free, online Mockup and Prototype creation tool No support site, no company info Flash

Handcraft Create mockups using HTML

ForeUI; advanced mockups for websites & desktop + flowcharts $99; java app;

WireframeSketcher Very much an Eclipse plug-in.

Denim is free but is "better for use with a tablet"

Pencil Mozilla Based, open source, free. Native XML format.

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Thanks! I wasn't aware there are so many cross platform wireframing tools. this has been of great help. – Cristian Vrabie Sep 23 '10 at 7:46
WireframeSketcher also comes as a standalone desktop version. There are tar.gz packages for Linux and also deb packages for Debian/Ubuntu. You can also get it from Ubuntu Software Center on more recent Ubuntu versions. – Peter Severin Oct 26 '12 at 8:18
There are much more. See this thread:…; Or see this even more complete list here: – IgorJ Jun 15 '13 at 5:30

WireframeSketcher wireframing tool was mentioned above. Here's what you can create with it:

WireframeSketcher Mockup

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It's not Balsamiq Mockups, but Balsamiq will get a similiar result and I know it's a great product:

It costs $79 and it's worth every penny. I use it all the time.

They also give out free licenses if you have a blog and are willing to post a review.

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As you can see here those mockups were made by MONICA MACELI.

Hope this helps!

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To agree with some of what has been said already, and add some new thoughts, here are the main thoughts that came out of a recent blog post by my Creative Director at Signals Ltd, WireFrames Made Easy:

Free Online Wireframe Tools

There are a number of free online tools to help you out there, some start off as limited versions, and others are the full thing but have limitations.

Pencil Project :: This Firefox plugin is simple to use, has some good templates available and gives you the flexibility to export to HTML, image formats and much more. Get it here:

Freemium / Premium Wireframe Software

Again, there are plenty of subscription services out there with powerful tools to help assist rapid wireframe creation...try these...

Axure :: An online service with a host of drag and drop functions, templates etc - very powerful. (

Mockflow :: Online and Offline, basic Free version and Premium version, real time collaboration productivity tools, template components and icons. (

And the winner is...

PowerMockup :: A wireframe kit for...POWERPOINT It's simple to use and has proven to be invaluable thus far. The only downside is that I can't publish to HTML to create a prototype, but by simply sending the file to the client, it can be run in slide show mode and prototyped on your desktop. Easy. It's not expensive either.

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To summarise Schumann et al. 1996, "Assessing the effect of non-photorealistic rendered images in CAD":

Use a plotter and don't tighten the pen :)

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They are most likely paper sketches. There are lots of notebooks dedicated to wireframing, with the dotted background and sometimes a full blown browser frame and CSS grid.

Although you can achieve the sketchy style with digitals tools like Balsamiq,, or, paper is also cool! :)

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