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I have an asp.net application in which I have built few silverlight based pages. The problem is that most of our users do not have install priviledges on their system and they cannot install Silverlight plug-in themselves. Our IT Support will not agree installing Silverlight on all 4000 machines.

Is their something we can do so that users may not be asked to install the Silverlight plug-in and still the Silverlight pages being displayed to them.

Is there a workaround ?

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As far as I'm aware no it's not possible. Suggest reworking the few pages if that's possible. – DaveHogan Sep 21 '10 at 21:06
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If the client cannot render the silverlight, then it just renders whatever is inside of the object tag. In your case, instead of a "get silverlight" link, this could be a non interactive version of your page.

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The workaround is to not use Silverlight for browsers that don't have the Silverlight plugin. There are ways to detect Silverlight server-side (although they're mostly hacks). If you detect Silverlight, push down a Silverlight-enabled page. If you do not detect Silverlight, push down plain HTML and/or AJAX.

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No, you need either Silverlight on Windows or Mac, or Moonlight on Linux to run Silverlight applications.

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On the off chance that your Silverlight pages are simple, IE will render a XAML page. Of course, this will only work with the simplest content, and it would be non-compiled xaml, like an HTML page. If you save the following example as "whatever.xaml" and browse to it, it will render in IE.

    <Grid x:Name="LayoutRoot" Background="Orange">
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