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How can I determine the current change set version that a local work folder has using the TFS command line clients? I dont want to check what the latest version on the server but how "old" a local work folder is.

"svn info" will print information about paths in your working copy, ie, revision and other info.

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Im answering my own question as I just found the answer. Using the properties command did the trick.

tf properties .

would output information (when run in the active work folder) such as this:

Local information:
  Local path:  /codeplex/workspace
  Server path: $/project
  Changeset:   1327
  Change:      none
  Type:        Folder
Server information:
  Server path:   $/project
  Changeset:     1327
  Deletion ID:   0
  Lock:          none
  Lock owner:    null
  Last modified: 2010-sep-22 00:13:58
  Type:          Folder
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