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My app connects to the net and populates a ListView. Sometimes nothing will be returned. What is the best way to notify the user the list is empty?

Some of my own suggestions:

  • Show "No Results" in the first ListItem
  • Show a new view that says "No Results"
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ListView allows you to have an alternative view shown when it is empty:

In fact, if you use a ListActivity whose layout has a view with android:id="@android:id/empty", it will automatically hook this up for you.

So typically you could put the ListView and your empty view in a FrameLayout, and have the empty view have some nice text centered in its area telling the user there is nothing to show.

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Show a new view that says "No Results"

This is the correct option. Do not confuse your user by presenting an info message as a list item. They are not the same.

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I choose "Show "No Results" in the first ListItem".

Because users could connect the "No Results" to the ListItem directly, while new view leads users to have to accept new thing.

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