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I'm trying to read document score of lucene search results.

I get a set of document scores through the hits object when I use the following method : Hits hits =;

However,if i use the method:, hitsCollector);

I get a totally different set of document scores through the hitCollector.hits object

Am I missing something here?


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This user seems to be re-asking the same or similar questions repeatedly:… Look at the posting record before taking the time to answer... – James Brady Dec 25 '08 at 23:40

The scores returned by a Hits object are normalized, i.e. they are always in the range [0, 1], with the highest score close to or at 1. The scores given to a HitCollector object are raw, i.e. not normalized. Also, the list of documents in a Hits object is sorted by decreasing scores. A HitCollector object gets document-score pairs in some random order.

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