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I'm switching one of my clients websites over to Drupal and when I try to navigate to Create Content, Site Building -> Blocks, or My Account it redirects me to my client's existing homepage with a path that seems like it should work (ex. domain.com/?q=node/add).

I've searched the stack and googled about the problem and haven't found any solutions.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for the help.

Edit: interestingly, when I enabled "Clean URLs" (which changes the path to admin/build/block) it brings me to the homepage without my css sheet being applied.

Edit x2: Solved my own question. I'll be accepting my own answer after the time limit, and don't need any more help. Thanks!

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It's simple, Kirk! Your theme (page.tpl.php) doesn't include <?php echo $content; ?> which is one of those really basic foundation things in drupal.

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