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        DatabaseEntities de = new DatabaseEntities();
        Income income = de.Incomes.CreateObject();            
        income.Id = de.Incomes.Max(f => f.Id) + 1;            
        income.Person = Users.SelectedValue.ToString();
        income.Value = value;
        income.Unit = Unit.SelectedValue.ToString();
        income.Description = Desc.Text;

I have used the code section above to insert an Income object into SQL Compact database after that i have used the following statement to bind data to a DataGridView:

        IncomeGridView.DataSource = de.Incomes;

I saw the new data but after I closed my program I did not see the new data in table. Can anyone explain me?

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Possibly this -

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Great help ErikEj! –  Linh Sep 22 '10 at 6:31
Great help ErikEj! because I have used the SQL Compact so each time I debug my program the *.sdf file is copied to the Debug folder by default and my program work with the copy database. I resolved my problem by set the absolute path to the database file in the application config file. –  Linh Sep 22 '10 at 6:42

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