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I am using jqPlot to show candlestick chart and the data is from XML. I retrieve data from XML and put it into an array and then jqPlot creates a candlestick chart from that. But the XML file contains lots of data so in the chart values are overlapping (with fixed width).

Is it possible to make a graph of lets say 10% of data and place a scrollbar and on every tick of scrollbar we rebuild graph with next data or there already exists such functionality of scrolling of graph/chart in jqPlot.

Please help me to resolve this.

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Its better to load XML at once, but not give the data at once to that jqPlot chart. Just make sure you are passing part of the data to jqPlot. Once you assign data to chart then go for the scrolling of data using jQuery or something like scroller code. Whenever you scroll on this try to refresh or regenrate the chart by only the selected data.

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Perhaps you can try Jonathan Cook's jqplot.annotatedTimeline.js available from the following URL:

You can see its features in action from:

Although I haven't tried this plugin yet it looks very good!

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+1 for adding more to an old question. – Boro May 9 '12 at 17:46

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