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I am looking for a good archiver lib (DLL) for VB?

A fast DLL that can pack and unpack file fast and easy!

If possible to be able to pack in .rar & .zip format


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Have a look at DotNetZip. It works very well with VB.NET, and is freely available under the MS-PL license.

DotNetZip is an easy-to-use, FAST, FREE class library and toolset for manipulating zip files or folders. Zip and Unzip is easy: with DotNetZip, .NET applications written in VB, C# - any .NET language - can easily create, read, extract, or update zip files. For Mono or MS .NET.

You can get it from codeplex, or install the NuGet package (Install-Package DotNetZip).

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7-zip has an LZMA SDK that you can use from VB.NET.

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Try the System.IO.Packaging.ZipPackage class.

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