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I'm not sure if this a settings problem or an HTML problem, but on a page layout I'm working on, Firefox does not render the stylesheet immediately. Meaning for maybe half a second I can see the unstyled page, then the stylesheet kicks in and it renders as I expect.

All my stylesheets are in external css files loaded in the head tag. I'm not encountering this on Flock (which is a Firefox variant) nor on Google Chrome/IE.

Any idea how to avoid it?

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Try disabling firebug.

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Wow, didn't think of that. It worked! – Roy Tang Dec 18 '08 at 2:34
Wow, and this has been bugging me for months! Thanks! – Ardee Aram Jan 14 '13 at 19:51

Firebug definitely slows down the page render time. Brutally so.

Additionally, Install yslow: http://developer.yahoo.com/yslow/ in firefox to make sure that your page is optimized to its fullest.

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Make sure you understand that Yslow is for large volume websites, and some of the items (CDN, E-tags) may not apply to your site. – StingyJack Dec 18 '08 at 2:37

Show us the page! Is it valid?

You might want to search for "flash of unstyled content" or "FOUC" and see what comes up, that's the commonly-used phrase for this phenomenon.

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You didn't mention the platform, but this can also happen with the Visual Studio built-in web server if IPv6 is enabled in Firefox. See http://blog.codeville.net/2008/11/07/speeding-up-communication-between-firefox-and-visual-studios-built-in-web-server/

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In my case turning off Firebug didn't help. From the other hand I happend to use @import in my css and when i removed it - the FOUC (Flash Of Unstyled Content) was gone. That is very strange because this behaviour is mostly referred to IE (http://www.bluerobot.com/web/css/fouc.asp/)

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