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What is the best way of configuring a widget in android for entering a 4 digit PIN?

Currently I have:

  android:summary="Your PIN number"

This works quite well, but there is no way of constraining the input to be at least 4 digits. Is this how you would have someone set a PIN in preferences? Or is there a better way?

By the way, before people comment on security implications, I didn't choose the 4 digit PIN, it is for connecting to a third party system and I can't change it. And no, this isn't for banking.

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You can add an OnPreferenceChangeListener and check the password length there.

E.g. if using a PreferenceActivity:

findPreference("password").setOnPreferenceChangeListener( new OnPreferenceChangeListener(){
    public boolean  onPreferenceChange  (Preference preference, Object newValue){
        if ((String)newValue).length == 4)
            super.onPreferenceChange(preference, newValue);
            Toast.makeText(this, "The PIN must have 4 digits", Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show();
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