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i have this jQuery function:

$("#text").load("test3.php?id="+ Math.random());

And this code is in page: user.php

When i runt this page in this address: - everthing is OK.

But, When i runt this page in this address:

in div "text" insert all root page.

test3.php page code:

echo "test 678";
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What do you mean by "in div 'text' insert all root page"? I'm afraid I don't understand. – T.J. Crowder Sep 22 '10 at 8:44
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I'm not quite following the question, but there's a difference there and so this may help:

When the browser resolves a relative URL, it uses the document location. Your two document locations are different in that one of them looks like a path to which test3.php should be appended, the other looks like a page name that test3.php should replace: + test3.php =

but + test3.php =
                                                      ^-- note the difference
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Your problem is when you call, you're like calling You should have a folder named user which inside it has the file index.php to make it work.

I suggest you rename user.php to index.php and move it to folder user.

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