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What's the easiest way to export data to excel from SQL Server 2000.

I want to do this from commands I can type into query analyzer.

I want the column names to appear in row 1.

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Manual copy and paste is the only way to do exactly what you're asking. Query Analyzer can include the column names when you copy the results, but I think you may have to enable that somewhere in the options first (it's been a while since I used it).

Other alternatives are:

  1. Write your own script or program to convert a result set into a .CSV or .XLS file
  2. Use a DTS package to export to Excel
  3. Use bcp.exe (but it doesn't include column names, so you have to kludge it)
  4. Use a linked server to a blank Excel sheet and INSERT the data

Generally speaking, you cannot export data from MSSQL to a flat file using pure TSQL, because TSQL cannot manipulate anything outside the database (using a linked server is sort of cheating). So you usually need to use some sort of client application anyway, whether it's bcp.exe, dtswiz.exe or your own program.

And as a final comment, MSSQL 2000 is no longer supported (unless your company has an extended maintenance agreement) so you may want to look into upgrading at some point.

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The linked server was the way to go, I didn't rule out cheating in my question :-) –  cindi Sep 23 '10 at 11:40

In Query Analyzer, go to the Tools -> Options menu. On the Results tab, choose to send your output to a CSV file and select the "Print column headers" option. The CSV will open in Excel and you can then save it as a .XLS/.XLSX

alt text

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