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My question so general, but I think the answer will be specific.

All I want to know is:

Is there a way or steps or mechanism to test the application (web application) in a professional way?

Many times when I finish developing and try my application, testing it with dummy data several times, and when I think every thing is okay and I think I have covered all possible scenarios, I find I forgot important issues, or others tell me they found problems in my application.

How do I overcome this problem, and save my time?

Good links:



Rhino Mocks: good tutorials



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As a proffesional tester my suggestion is that you should have a healthy mix of automated and manual testing.


As much as I love automated testing it is, IMHO, not a substitute for manual testing. The main reason being that an automated can only do what it is told and only verify what it has been informed to view as pass/fail. A human can use it's intelligence to find faults and raise questions that appear while testing something else.

  • Exploratory Testing
    ET is a very low cost and effective way to find defects in a project. It take advantage of the intelligence of a human being and a teaches the testers/developers more about the project than any other testing technique i know of. Doing an ET session aimed at every feature deployed in the test environment is not only an effective way to find problems fast, but also a good way to learn and fun!
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Selenium is a great suite of tools to help test web applications. I'd recommend having a look at that.

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thanks ,is this free product and which release should i use –  just_name Sep 22 '10 at 10:07
@user418343 - yes it's free (licensed under Apache 2.0 Licence). I'd suggest one of the downloads from: seleniumhq.org/download . As for which projects to download, check out: seleniumhq.org/projects to see what they all do. –  AdaTheDev Sep 22 '10 at 10:41

This is a very big subject, there are hundreds of books written about software testing. The Wikipedia article should get you started on some concepts, but you really need to learn a lot more.

This SO question should be useful in choosing a book to start with.

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I use http://xunit.codeplex.com in combination with http://www.jetbrains.com/resharper/.

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Use either ms test framework or NUnit.

I recommend reading about unit tests and focused integration tests.

For full system tests use WatiN.

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A lot more than a few nice tools goes into "professionally" testing any application.

But sticking with tools for the moment, a good tools for testing .Net sites is WatiN. And a good example of using WatiN in a real world situation is the DotNetNuke Automation Tests project. It is the continually growing set of automated tests that DotNetNuke Corp. is using to test DotNetNuke on a daily basis, and best of all it's open source.

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