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I want to create something similar to Heroku (first I was thinking in EngineYard-like but I prefer Heroku) for node.js (I know they already support node.). However, It's for a personal project so it doesn't need to be anything overcomplicated or super expensive. I believe I can learn a lot creating a product like this.

Before I start, I have several doubts:

  • Heroku uses a reverse proxy to receive the requests. However, reverse proxy doesn't work fine with websockets. How can this be fixed?

  • 1 instance supports several dynos. How can an instance be divided by RAM, processing, etc?

  • I guess if I have an answer to the last questions I'll be able to create a route mesh. However, what can be the tricks here?

Regards. Donalds

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Nodester.... it really rocks !!! –  Luc Apr 30 '11 at 16:53

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Go for the simplest possible implementation.

  • Use HAProxy, Apache Traffic Server or mongrel2 as your reverse proxy. They all support the HTTP 1.1 protocol and should work with websockets.
  • Don't worry about limiting resources.
  • Also don't worry about a routing mesh. Just update and reload the config on your reverse proxy any time you're spinning up a backend process.

Good luck.

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So you want to be a node Paas?

Nodejitsu opensourced their hosting solution: haibu (Japanese for Hive). It's well documented and you'll also get real time support if you hope onto #nodejitsu on efnet irc network.

As a user of their service, I can vouch for the simplicity of the solution. You use their client jitsu to provision, configure and deploy the applications. Applications are watched over by their tweaked version of forever.

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