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I am using JMeter's distributed testing feature which works fine. However, when I schedule this distributed run, it just runs immediately and disregards schedules. It happens only for distributed testing. Any idea?

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I haven't come across that little gem. Have you tried starting from the command line to see if it works properly?

Step 3b: Start the JMeter from a non-GUI Client

As an alternative, you can start the remote server(s) from a non-GUI (command-line) client. The command to do this is:

jmeter -n -t script.jmx -r
jmeter -n -t script.jmx -R server1,server2...

Other flags that may be useful:
-Gproperty=value - define a property in all the servers (may appear more than once)
-Z - Exit remote servers at the end of the test.

The first example will start whatever servers are defined in the JMeter property remote_hosts; the second example will define remote_hosts from the list of servers and then run the remote servers.
The command-line client will exit when all the remote servers have stopped. 
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Hi Thanks. The issue was from my side where the slave machine's date time was not in sync with the master. It now works. –  bala Sep 23 '10 at 13:34

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