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I'm using EPIC, but it seems to have some drawbacks. Are there any other Perl plugins for Eclipse?

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What are those drawbacks? –  innaM Dec 18 '08 at 11:41
In the "Problems" view, i have two messages that literally say just this: "...propagated in c:/perl/lib/base.pm line 93". I'd like a bit more than that. I need more information to fix the problem. Also "Explain\Errors and Warnings" view doesn't seem to do anything: totally blank, allows no input. –  user47145 Dec 18 '08 at 18:32
Another puzzling behavior: Normally in Eclipse, a little red icon on the file name means there's a compilation problem. When you open the file, a red icon appears on the appropriate line(s). But with EPIC I get the former but not the latter. It doesn't pinpoint the problematic line. –  user47145 Dec 18 '08 at 18:53

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There does not seem to be any other serious eclipse plugin for Perl out there, aside EPIC.

Regarding the problematic behaviors, did you check the question Why does the EPIC eclipse plugin not show any info in “Explain Errors/Warnings”? and its associated EPIC user guide ?

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A new plugin is Perlipse http://www.eclipseplugincentral.com/Web_Links-index-req-viewlink-cid-1133.html It is far from complete atm.

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For those who find this after me, ...propagated seems to appear for me when importing a module that isn't in the perl path using quotes. For example:

use base qw/ Class::DBI /;

This shows up as an error in the project explorer and problems window but not in the perl module itself.

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